The happiest place on Earth where your wildest dreams come true
when Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won the Super bowl, they asked him what he was going to do next and he stated "im goin to DisneyLand"
by Alex-12345 March 23, 2006
Disney is the wonderful characters, stories, and movies written by a man named Walt Disney. Stories that educate children into right decisions and entertain kids with the comedy, adventure put into the stories. Disney ISN'T about Hannah Montana and how hard it must be for a girl to live two different lives - as a blond 'superstar' and a average teen girl. Whatever happened to the Little Mermaid, the classic songs, and children classic songs.
Well they've been replaced with the Jonas Brothers.
I know he isn't alive to make more, but the least they can do is make more movies/shows the way he wanted, instead of introducing fake blonds, boy bands, and pathetic shows that teach children absolutely nothing useful.
-Mickey Mouse
-Bugs Bunny
-Little Mermaid
-Pirates of the Carribean
-Peter Pan
-Snow White
-Disney Recess
And other fairy tales and stories that teach lessons and were made by Walt Disney/Follow his imagination.
by Jaseline January 17, 2009
v. The act of economically influencing a sovereign government into passing oppressive and dehumanising laws intended only to benefit the interests of corporate enterprise. Derived from the historical fact that the last 6 revisions of copyright law immediately preceded the time when Mickey Mouse would otherwise have passed into the public domain.
I see the recording industry has disneyed anti-circumvention laws through Parliament last week.

Microsoft just pulled a disney on the anti-trust laws in our country.
by Mystikan November 14, 2005
Adj. Adjective
Something sugar-coated and false, giving a wrong impression of life to children and society in general. Often "white washing" society's problems with catchy jingles and corny dances. Can be sometimes unintentionally offensive in its childish view of the world, often making protagonists attractive, middle class and shallow and enforcing the "thin is in" body aesthetic.
Stan: "Hey, Doug, was just watching the news on Iraq and my kids instisted I change the channel to watch High school Musical 2"
Doug: "Well Stan, that certainly is disney"

Cindy: "why can't we all just love each other"
John: "oh, how very Disney of you"
by Jameson Bondo April 26, 2008
A synonym for evil.
Disney makes millions by exploiting children and marketing terrible music.
by Psas2 May 05, 2010
The largest producer of shitty direct-to-DVD sequels of their half-decent movies.
Disney split up with Pixar on an account that "The Incredibles 2," "Finding Nemo 2," and "Monsters Inc 2" did not come out straight to DVD.
by A Little Pinprick September 09, 2006
Adjective for mindless, soulless, heartless corporate manufactured puppets used to influence the minds of pre teen boys and girls towards faux pseudo Christian ethics. Also describes someone who sings horribly and wears incredibly fake tans simply to capitalize on media attention and therefore, lots of cash!
That whore be so Disney!

by Kelise27 April 18, 2009
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