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A penis by a Young child or teenager who watch's the diseny channel
Davedays and Bahlahlah have disney wang's
by What_now June 24, 2008
Male genitalia of anyone under the age of 18.
I don't want your disney wang Little Billy.
by Smilesx June 25, 2008
The giant penis on the cover of the original little mermaid boxes
Oh whats this? Its a disney wang!
by gigitygigityqoo September 23, 2009
DisneyWang Literal meaning a small penis of a young man who watches the Disney channel.


Was the First Person to be designated for DisneyWang Status. His Hair has not growing in yet and his period has not started thus he received his Disneywang status (The Awards in the mail). Ever since young Bahlahlah could remember he would wake up and have to turn to the Disney channel, unfortunately for him his junk he could not yank due to his non pubescent status.


This young Man was giving his status early on in life, But he was kinda shy about his status. His Fixture with Mylie Cyrus, Has Cost him Many Girlfriends. He finally Received his award From Miss. Smiles To Which He Jumped up and down and said "Like Totally Cool, I'm Like the DisneyWang King" Unfortunately for Young Dave he does not realized that Disney Wang is not to be proud of.


Well Technically Not Officially a DisneyWanger. Miss. Smiles, and the "Disneywang of America Felt Obligated to give him the award and status. due to the small to nonexistent peen he has, and his love of '''The Little Mermaid''' Unlike the other two Disneywanger,s old Lorax celebrated his status. He has now framed his award.

Seek Help Immediately:

If You know anyone suffering from the effect of Disneywang, Please Seek Help Immediately, It has some serious side effect later on in life. Some Symptom's to look out for.

*Fixated on Micky
*Fixated on Mylie Cyrus
*Watch Disney channel 24/7 till their balls drop

If you don't stop it at an early age you will develop.

*High Energy
*Making offensive songs
*Small Peen (You may grow but the peen won't)
*Early Baldness
by Disneywang June 28, 2008
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