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What the people at Disney were on when they created Alice in Wonderland, and all those other trippy movies. Other examples include Its A Small World (honestly, why would anyone in their right mind create a song that annoying?), Mary Poppins (like when they go into Burt's chalk world), and all other trippy things created by Disney.
1: Wow, who came up with this stuff? A disappearing purple striped cat? Getting bigger, then smaller, then bigger, then smaller again?
2: I have no idea, but they were on some serious Disney Dope
#dope #disney #mary poppins #alice in wonderland #its a small world #tripped out #what are they teaching children these days #psychadelic #psychos #high #blaze #hookah #crazy #craxy #insane
by xcaitlinx February 21, 2008
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