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Lesbian. (Crude, similar to Stamp licker). First 'OUTED' in Pickeringpost.com (10 Feb 2014), but used prior to this, and in street lingo.
Gillard was a dishlicker.
by Prettyface February 10, 2014
Australian slang for racing greyhound. A reference to the fact that dogs will lick their food bowl (dish) clean after a meal. See also dogs.
I lost my money on the dishlickers the other night.
by geoffb October 16, 2006
Dish lickers - greyhounds racing dogs usually found running around dog tracks.
I won a hungie on the dish lickers at the pub last night
by bet on the dish lickers October 02, 2008
Term used for a pet dog.
Their always keen to clean you plate
So I see you got a new dishlicker there.
by Terry Ball May 08, 2004
A dog. It is also used to describe betting on Greyhound Races.
1. I'm gunna put a few bucks on the dishlickers.

2. Can I bring my dishlicker with me?
by Dee Cee 66 March 30, 2009
The Meaning of a Dishlicker is the following: It is a person lower than a cockroach... they are the lowest form of scum on the plant... they also enjoy licking the dishes
You are a COMPLETE Dishlicker!
by Jazzie_tilts April 20, 2006