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Australian slang for racing greyhound. A reference to the fact that dogs will lick their food bowl (dish) clean after a meal. See also dogs.
I lost my money on the dishlickers the other night.
by geoffb October 16, 2006
Lesbian. (Crude, similar to Stamp licker). First 'OUTED' in (10 Feb 2014), but used prior to this, and in street lingo.
Gillard was a dishlicker.
by Prettyface February 10, 2014
Term used for a pet dog.
Their always keen to clean you plate
So I see you got a new dishlicker there.
by Terry Ball May 08, 2004
A dog. It is also used to describe betting on Greyhound Races.
1. I'm gunna put a few bucks on the dishlickers.

2. Can I bring my dishlicker with me?
by Dee Cee 66 March 30, 2009
The Meaning of a Dishlicker is the following: It is a person lower than a cockroach... they are the lowest form of scum on the plant... they also enjoy licking the dishes
You are a COMPLETE Dishlicker!
by Jazzie_tilts April 20, 2006
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