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Someone who displays less than average intelligence while attempting to be clever.
Aaron thought he was being clever by asking if herpes smells funny, but really, he's just a total dishknob.
by runtimeerror July 01, 2011
Dishknob is a game such as doorknob when one farts but instead dishknob is called when a person leaves his or her used dishes in a common area for more than 24 hours. When you call dishknob all people present may punch the culprit until they have returned the dish to the sink. This is a efficient game to keep college apartments clean and insect free.
the only difference in dishknob is there is no safety
-yo dude you left your beer mug in the living room 2 days ago. dishknob!
-:punch: :punch: :punch:
-dish in sink and lesson learned
by 1240 April 18, 2009