something a man makes a women do while he does nothing
do the dishes bitch im watching my show
by austin March 20, 2005

1. To be in immediate danger of death or serious bodily harm, directly related to a bad situation.
"Done, like dishes."

"If that face avalanches right now, we're all dishes!"

Derived from the quote "Dishes are done, man!" from the movie "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead."
by soulman9 November 28, 2009
verb. shoot the shit.
Give me a call later and we can dish.
by AJ71 April 06, 2007
To be extremely positive in every way... as in being wonderful or fabulous.
Anthony and Vinny couldn't help but notice how dish Joey looked, wearing his new outfit!
by Cousin Joey April 22, 2008
describes a well tasting food.
"Hey Sully that resturant was so dish".
by Daniel Jeffers July 12, 2005
Something very cool, good, sweet. Person, place, or thing.
I went to that new club last night and it was so dish, I loved it. We should go again tonight.
by Diana Brummell July 18, 2004
1- a person who is very informed, and is Godly in the way that they are all seeing and all knowing.
2- a Guru or Lord
"How did he know to bring an umbrella?"
"He's a Dish, he knew what the weather would be. He also knows you have a crush on Barrack Obama."
by kristosarglebargledumblebubuga September 07, 2008
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