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A dish bitch is a person who is hired to wash dishes at a restaurant, but gets more jobs than washing dishes.

A name for a dish washer created in Marshall, Illinois at the Lions Den American and Italian restaurant.
Chef 1: Dish Bitch, put these fries in the oven.
Dish Bitch: OK, no prob.
Chef 2: Dish Bitch, take the trash out.
Dish Bitch: OK.

Chef 1: Dish Bitch, go wash my car.
Dish Bitch: NO.....
by Jordan Nave June 15, 2007
found in its natural habitat of cooking classes and resturaunts, the dish bitch is rumored to have superpowers like dish senses (allowing them to detect even the smallest of dirty silverware from over a quarter mile away). They can easily be identified by the oven mitts in their back pocket and an unsatisfiable appitite for cleaning. some would even say that the thought of scrubbing plates clean brings intinse arousal.
Me: that meal was delicious, wouldnt you agree?

Superfaqq: why yes, quite scrumptious

Max: hurry up and give me those plates guise!!

Superfaqq: WHAT THE FUCK?!? did we ASK you to speak dish bitch??!

Me: (wondering why the dish bitch is out of the kitchen)



Me: you asked for it when your foot left that tile floor
by Colonel Faqq February 18, 2010
someone whose job is to wash dishes in a prison, then becoming everyone's dishbitch.
Bob was a dishbitch at Lakeview Prison many years ago, but now hes a jizzmopper. (see jizzmopper.
by Mike-O March 28, 2005
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