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a combination of disgusting and gross
That hairy bitch is disgrossting.
by Dadam March 12, 2008
1 1
absolutely mentally putrid. a feverishly gross appearance, idea, or occurence.
steve: you want to go to the nets game with my grandfather?
friend: bruvva that idea is absodefinitely disgrossting.
by kovstar February 22, 2007
32 5
Disgusting and Gross said in a really fast sentence. You do not pronouce the And.
ew... You drank from my coffee mug? That is so disgrossting!
by skshellanne January 05, 2010
21 3
combination of the words "disgusting" and "gross," meaning revolting and unappealing to the senses.
"That cafeteria pizza is so disgrossting!"
by Shannon Howe January 30, 2005
23 5
something that is so disgusting and gross that the two words had to be combined to accurately express the speaker's feelings.
good God did you see that scat porn? absolutely disgrossting in my opinion
by filthypoosnatch December 09, 2004
11 4
Adj : Something or somebody that makes you feel violently ill due to the level of gross and disgust they portray.
"That disgrossting stripper has no teeth, flakey skin, track marks and is pregnant".
by Jaysin Brackin May 17, 2006
8 2
When something is beyond gross, or disgusting, almost Ewww My God. Best example is a Hoarder's house.
"Erin" Dear, God! That Hoarders house is disGUSTING!
"Braeden" Ewww...
"Chris" Gross...
"Dakota" Dude, that crap is disgrossting.
by Stup1dg33kz November 10, 2010
1 1
disgusting and gross, unattractive or nauseating, nasty
The food they serve at that dive is disgrossting!
by GACinEagan September 09, 2009
1 1