a nap that begins at 5:55 pm and ends at 7:05 pm
I needed a disco nap so that I could pull an all nighter.
by Keith McGuffey April 10, 2007
an old pervy guy that hangs around internet webboards in order to hit on any british girls that post
"Ewww, that old guy just told me how cute he thinks my avatar is, what a disconap"
by OMG! CONOR! August 26, 2004
Cocaine, or the use thereof.
Before I go out on Friday nights, I usually need a disco nap.
by bigmikenyc July 28, 2006
A nap where you keep waking up because of a loud neighbor's music.
My nap turned into a disco nap when my next door neighbor took his new Ozzy Osbourne out for a spin.
by John Shaughnessy April 06, 2004
A disco nap, is a nap that one requires when they are doing drugs ; such as coke or meth. A full 8 hours of sleep is hard to do when on stimulants, Uppers. It is because of this reason a person would rather take small disco naps witch consist of any where from 1-2 hours . It allows the body to recuperate this allows a little more glamorous drug induced night while feeling fresh and rested not burnt out
partying takes a lot out of me that I often find my self having to take several disco naps in order to be able to do more drugs and drink and turn it up
by Wehoprince May 28, 2016
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