Blowing coke after a long day of partying to avoid sleeping in preperation of a long night of partying ahead.
Bro, those bottomless mimosas wiped me out. I don't know how I'm going to make it out tonight without taking a disco nap.
by Billlayyyy January 10, 2015
The nap you take before a really big party. You know the party will be off the charts so you want to be well rested so you can keep up with all the drama, beer pong, and hook ups.
Before the Partwii, Lauren, the cyborg, bus surfed over to Mickey D’s with his brofriend Chuck Norris and bought a McGangbang happy meal with the funds that he jacked from his sugar momma after his disco nap that afternoon. Chuck pulled out his phone from his nuthuggers and started sexting a ginger slice with a tramp stamp that he had been friendly following ever since they shared a game of Jager pong. Lauren gave Chuck the air jerk as he noticed Tanasa the grade digger that sat next to him in his art class. Lauren gave her the “let’s just be friends” nod and grabbed his happy meal. As Lauren walked outside he saw, Bruce, the designated drunk, as he started wailing teenybopper show tunes. Bruce was manstrating again and wanted his fix of Dr. Pepper and Big league chew. The night of celebrating Lauren’s nomotion had barely even started and already he was knackered.
by Micron X February 24, 2010
A nap taken while high on a mind altering substance.
Beastie Boys Track #11 on Ill Communication, released 5.31.1994. Proceeds from “Alright Hear This” (Eat a Scooby snack and take disco nap)
by straycat377 May 07, 2013
In order to continue the nights events or to prevent barfing everywhere - a disco nap is required.
Also used before attempting to make your way home from a friends.
B: Gulp gulp gulp gulp...awww shiiiiate.
A: Haha. Way to be budddah. Common lets git.
B: Uggghhhh need disco nap first.
A: Dude!
B: Fck. I need to get horizontal or Ima... S - PLODE

A: Dude, you have to go.
B: Man, I just need a disco nap for like 5 minutes before I can make the trek
A: Fuck, if you heave on my shit I'll be pissed.
B: Dude, I got it under raps. Lemme hava disco nap.
by Brrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! March 16, 2009
A short passage of sleep or slumber taken while dressed, with music playing and lights on (hence the term 'disco'), with the aim that one will not fall into deep sleep, thereby allowing the disco napper to relax and recharge whilst enjoying an album, but also wake up and go out later.

Contrary to some previous definitions, musical consumption and the intention to attend a musical or social function upon waking are key elements of the disco nap, otherwise it would just be a nap.
"When I get home from work I'm gonna take a disco nap to (artist/album title), then I'll join you at the club later.",

"I haven't had time to listen to that album all the way through yet - I'll probably take a disco nap to it after work. I'll tell you what I think when I see you tonight."
by Cree$e April 21, 2007
its actually a "beauty sleep" so that we look good at the party.
disco nap er--hey do u want to look pale and jaded at the club?...didnt have a beauty sleep? you wont get any lays!
by mumu April 25, 2007
This is the sleep you get AFTER a weekend of hard partying. Take Monday (and sometimes Tuesday) off from work or school and recuperate.
I barely woke up from my disco nap to call in sick to work Monday morning.
by Lone Raver July 02, 2007
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