A Quaalude, Sopor, or Parest (methaqualone) tablet. It was coined in the mid-70's, before most people ever heard of Ecstasy. It is a hypnotic (sleeping pill) that was popular due to its side-effect of lowering sexual inhibition in females (it tended to make males somewhat impotent.) The term disco-biscuit (with a hyphen) shifted to refer to Ecstasy (and the hyphen was dropped) when methaqualone was made a Schedule I drug and withdrawn from the US market in 1984.
Give that girl a disco-biscuit and you're sure to get laid.
by NotSteve September 18, 2006
an alternative way of saying an ecstacy pill
" Hey man you wanna take some disco buscuits and roll at the rave?"
by Freak April 02, 2003
A slang term for MDMA. A nice little pill that can help you dance ALL night long.
The guy in the tigger suit is the one selling disco biscuits
by glittery rainbow sprinkles May 15, 2006
ecstasy, E, rollie pollies
you down with the disco biscuits tonight?

idk man i just was rollie pollieyin last night, lost my mind to some tech no and mario party 2
by im the real batman August 13, 2008
a biscuit with rainbows on it
"mr.c would you care for a disco biscuit?"
by white mustang November 01, 2011
Another name for Ecstacy
Guy 1: Hey man, you got any disco biscuits?
Guy 2: Naw, I'm all sold out. Sorry bro.
by jambo782 September 05, 2011
A disgusting patch of dried mucous that accumulates at the back of one's throat while sleeping off a wild night of cocaine and alcohol.
Girl, don't smell my breath; I got a nasty-ass disco biscuit from last night.
by Cap'n Pappyslapper December 12, 2010

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