Any music which contains beats and rhythms that cause the listen to strut while walking.
That stride is so powerful I can't tell if he's listening to the disco of LMFAO or Bee Gees.
by soanim8ed December 04, 2011
Tasty crisps made by KP
Me: Would you like some discos?
An american: Dude thats like so 70's, you mean club
Me: They're crisps
An american: U mean chips?
Me: No i mean crisps, its our language, you ruined it.
by ctrl+alt+del June 21, 2009
Verb - to do a Disco is to perform a blatantly obvious lie that usually results in getting out of a tricky situation, or leaving work early. The excuses are both varied and elaborate, conflicting heavily with the truth.

Adjective - To describe an action that is very crafty or false. e.g. 'He's only gone and done a Disco!'
Ray: "Where is he?"
Nock: "He's late because of the ice."
Ray: "But I live next door to him, and I was fine..."
Nock: "I guess he's done a Disco then.."
by UniqueUmbrella123 January 27, 2010
To stick your penis into the hole of a CD or a record. (Disco, Discoing, Discoed, Discophobia)
I went to the record store and I started to disco the night away.
by Groovy Ninja April 19, 2011
1.Used to describe a girl that acts in a fast or loose manner
Guy 1:She got a different dude every day

Guy 2:Disco's (smh)
by Marcus Badger April 22, 2010
A psuedo way to text your friend regarding cocaine. Like calling weed the "green." Good word to use if you're on your work phone or otherwise paranoid of having the Patriot Act work against you.
"Hey, do you think you can get me some disco for Halloween?"
by hlsulliv October 27, 2008
Among other things, disco can also be an intransitive verb - an abbreviation of "disconnect" - usually used in the past tense. It is normally used during an online game or instant messaging.
Even with broadband, I somtimes get discoed.

Our group was destroying that Narglartch den on SWG until the Zabrak got discoed.
by Leif April 19, 2005

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