1. The only dance to be brutally murdered in history
2. The Jesus of music. Used to be the shit, but everyone sort of lost interest. Was killed by haters, and eventually came back from the dead.
Now I know why disco died.
Disco demolition day was like the crucifixtion of Christ of the music world
by MaximumOverdrive October 19, 2008
Disco is a difficult form of competitive dancing mostly done in the UK and surrounding areas. It has pretty much nothing to do with the steryotpe of older disco music. Disco today uses fast club/dance music and requires agility, flexibility, grace, coordination, and good endurance. Competitions are usually held on Sunday's except some last all weekend. Dancers train extensivley during the week. They wear highly decorated costumes, often called cozzies, that are designed to stand out and be noticed by the judges during competition. Disco moves can include kicks, spins, leaps, and balances
Did you know Laura does disco? Her mum's letting her get a new cozzie, she's going to wear it at Brean!
by KittyLaura March 20, 2006
Desi In Skin Color Only

Indian- born Desis who have integrated so well into another culture/language that they hardly display the stereotypical traits of their fellow countrymen.
That Indian dude knows more about American politics than me. He is such an impressive DISCO.

She prefers European cuisine over Indian food. I think she is a hot DISCO.
by Daria Morgendorffer June 25, 2011
A girl who is Desirable, Irresistible, Super Sexy, Such a Cutie, and Oh oh oh.

She can also be Sweet as Candy.
She is D.I.S.C.O
by itsawildsnorlax April 15, 2009
like awesome only better, and can often be used in reference to something shiny
"come to my party, it will be totally disco!"
by Attack of the Norm May 16, 2007
1. That feeling you get when you take every illegal drug in your house (normally marijuana), as well as all the good booze, invite a small amount of your drug buddies over, boom loud, pulsing house or techno music and not stopping until the stash is gone. The resulting jam and tomfoolery that occurs creates an irresistible mood to dance like a fool with said friends.
Tom: Well, she divorced me, Chase. Thanks for lettin me stay here.

Chase: No probs, dude. Hey, got any booze? I'm out.

Tom: Just a few bottles of Rum and a Guinness six-pack. Why?

Chase: Fuck yeah, bro! I got an ounce of strawberry kush. Call the up the boys and lets get this disco started.
by APotSmokingCentipede April 14, 2011
A slang name for the drug MDMA, more commonly known as ecstasy, commonly used in rural towns.
Person 1: Do you have any discos?
Person 2: I just got some blue diamonds, plenty of pills.
by Green Shroom November 18, 2007

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