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Term coined in the late seventies, resurrected by popular prop comedian Lady Gaga, also known for her karaoke-style computerized children's-club cult mind-taking rhythm-music for teens.

Involves the beating of a non-disco dancer caught by a number of drunk, brand name wearing, backwards cap bald-spotting males who have been angered due to hearing a form of music other than disco, otherwise known as repetitive club music with a worn out four-four mind erasing lame beat. A branch is severed from a tree (or whatever crude cudgel-like object discovered nearby) , thus becoming a "disco stick" to demonstrate in a concrete way the power of disco music. Can also describe the point of view of a listener at a dance club wherein the music becomes a torture device, a disco stick used to beat simplistic garbage disguised as dance music into one's head through speakers.
I just worshiped satan through Lady Gaga's sex hymnal with my frat brothers and now I'm dumb enough to join up with a herd of other missing links to beat the intelligent open minded music fan with a disco stick until his brain deactivates.

Having to endure that pointless music at that club made me feel as though I had been beaten mercilessly with a disco stick.
by inscrutable July 05, 2010
354 591
1. See Penis.

2. A sex move - a man snaps glowsticks of various colours and pours the liquid on his genitals, producing a 'psychadelic' effect during intercourse in the dark.

3. A pop culture allusion made by Lady GaGa to a penis.
"Last night I rode Michael's disco stick!"

"Let's have some fun,
this beat is sick
I wanna take a rid on your disco stick."
by madameJESUS March 08, 2009
1934 905
An almost magical device (originally created for helping adhesions with C-Section surgery) that gives women intense orgasms through their clothing! Gives a whole new meaning to going dancing with the Disco Stick.
I don't care where we go dancing tonight as long as they have a Disco Stick. God I need a discostick tonight!
by TheDiscoStick May 03, 2011
861 121
A code word for a guy's penis.
"Let's have some fun, this beat is sick; i wanna take a ride on your discostick."

(Lady Gaga)
by Sup824 January 15, 2009
168 114
Used by lady gaga in her song "love game"
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
by Glyka July 19, 2013
15 4
Lady Gaga's penis.
The flap of skin the doctors removed was really just her disco stick.
by Southern Tiger September 01, 2009
1214 1210
penis; dick
Give me your discostick!
by CamiWay July 19, 2009
44 96
an elaborate, flashing,squirming and vibrating dildo.
i was pleasantly shocked when my one night stand produced and unleashed a mind blowing disco stick on herself !!
by david lazarus January 09, 2006
751 871