An NYC delicacy -- NOT -- for the tourists. You have to know WHO dips their dogs for the LEAST time -- AND buys the good meat. But yeah, the water's turbid. Soooooo, nice, and JUST the right "snap."

Don't know what I'm talking about? This ain't your Oscar Meyer wieeeeeener. Go to McDonald's, that's your speed.
See also dirty water death dog --- pfffft freak'n tourist.
by w5 July 28, 2005
Top Definition
hot dog, typically sold in new york city, boiled in the same water for days, cooked with amebias from the hands of immigrants.
i would like one dirty water dog with everything osama.
by southbronxems January 07, 2007
"hot dogs", most likely bought on the streets of NYC, that are boiled in water that isn't changed that often....(true fact)
but actually quite tastey

settin: penn. station (nyc)
Kid: MOM!!!!! i'm freakin hungry!
Mom: kid, i have to be at work in 5 minutes! can't i just buy u somethin from the cafiteria!?!?
kid: NO, NO, NO!!!!!! I WANNA HOT DOG!!
MOM: i'ma get u f'ing dirty-water dogs if you don't stop!!
by nol1998 August 03, 2010
noun, a penis after having anal sex with the recipient having diarrhea.
Brian thought AIDS was the worst of his problems, until he saw his dirty water dog.
by PeteRepeat October 24, 2006
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