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The following states: Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina. Made popular some 10 years ago.
I'm not from the Dirty South, but I live there.
by Maurice July 02, 2003
The word dirty south originated in atl,ga from a dude name cool breeze(dungeon family)or(goodie mob) for those who dont know.and everybody else started sayin it. so *ATLANTA* is the capital of the dirty south..its cool for the whole south to represent but yall got to respect where it came from pimp...
What you ni**as know about the dirty south.......
by 2-shay August 09, 2006
dirty south

the ultimate source of trash rappers like Soulja Boy, TI, Dem Franchize Boyz, Lil Jon, Three 6 Mafia, Youngbloodz, Yung Joc, DJ Unk, and others.

(there are a few exceptions, such as chamillionaire, outkast, etc.)
Hip Hop Head 1: yo dirty south fo LYFE nigguhhh! REPRESENT !!! best rap dere iz naa mean?!?!

Hip Hop Head 2: yeah, if you consider saying, YOUUU crank that soulja boy! ten thousand times the best rap that there is.

Hip Hop Head 1: shut up yo hatin ass nigga!! youz just anotha playa hata!! TI ND YUNG JOC ARE KINGZ OF RAP NIGGA! naa mean!

Hip Hop Head 2: whatever. how 'bout you go listen to some notorious big, rakim, eminem, tupac, big daddy kane, nas and wu tang clang. then tell me who the kings of rap are.
by hiphophead12345 January 14, 2009
the southeastern section of the united states which the worst kind of rap comes from. all the songs are either about sex, money, drugs, cars etc. most of the songs have gay ass beats. one of the main reasons hip hop is dead. Includes faggots like soulja boy and lil wayne.
person1: the dirty south has taken over hip hop =(
person2: i know, life sucks...
by Niico January 07, 2009
Another name for a woman's Vagina.
Fred:"Yo man...i went down on vicky last night...
Fred:Yeah...I visited her dirty south!
by david levi March 11, 2008
Florida lil daddy!!!
Th Dirtay Dirtay!

Carol City, Miami...Dirtay Dirtay!
Liberty City, Miami...Dirtay Dirtay!
Wynwood, Miami...Dirtay Dirtay!
Richmond Heights, Miami...Dirtay Diraty!
Florida City, Miami...Dirtay Dirtay!
by Miami Harold August 27, 2004
The Real "Dirty" is Round Town ho. The hard side of the tracks...
Where the white buffalo roams...and we blast on homes...leave six in your dome...6 hos for ice no rolex
by WuVille December 22, 2003
yea dirty south originally came from atlanta, which is the shizzle fa shunnin, but Florida is the original south, its the most southern state in the US.Ever go 2 central Florida its like another country,go 2 Lake okeechobee and ull get ur ass bitin off by a gator. and theres a Harlem,FL that wuz established in the late 1800s yea its rite under okeechobee
"Ay man i went 2 the dirty south las weekend"
"Dirty south" u mean Georigia n Florida"
by DjTrigger69 March 22, 2004

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