The dirty south is all of da south specially the ones off the gulf coast including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and yes Texas(if you dont think so you stupid, they country and very much south not mid west dummy)Tennessee, Arkansas , South and North Carolina, and actually kentucky ass well.
We all from da dirty south off tha gulf coast, thats what i said playa and playettes
by Dat BoiJuice December 31, 2005
The Real "Dirty" is Round Town ho. The hard side of the tracks...
Where the white buffalo roams...and we blast on homes...leave six in your dome...6 hos for ice no rolex
by WuVille December 22, 2003
yea dirty south originally came from atlanta, which is the shizzle fa shunnin, but Florida is the original south, its the most southern state in the US.Ever go 2 central Florida its like another country,go 2 Lake okeechobee and ull get ur ass bitin off by a gator. and theres a Harlem,FL that wuz established in the late 1800s yea its rite under okeechobee
"Ay man i went 2 the dirty south las weekend"
"Dirty south" u mean Georigia n Florida"
by DjTrigger69 March 22, 2004
anywhere, usually in the lower contingent United States, that tanks in the lowest tenth-percentile in education, prison reform, and viability of roads.
When we hit the two-lane highway outside Little Rock, we knew we were in the Dirty South.
by medaeval February 06, 2004
dirty poontang also known as sour puss
damn that is dirty south.

It smells like dirty south in here

She's been shitting all night, she must have a dirty south
by malfoof80 March 24, 2006
da dirty south is just like the east and west coast cuz people act the same,dress the same in da south as in da east and west coasts. the only difference is that people down there have an accent other than that its the same i know cuz i lived down there for a minute in alabama but im not from down there. its the hood in da south like everywhere else jus go and see for yourself. its mostly black people down south anyway so you know its the same.what people need to do is go down there and check out them girls bootays down there ass fat like whoa!
like when i was in birmingham hempheights projects i saw this dude get killed for 2 dollars true story.and that aint the only thing i saw i saw alot of gats blast.
by terrell August 31, 2004
The southeastern region of the continental United States, strictly consisting of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, the Florida panhandle, and South Carolina.
You can catch me in the Dirty South / I got a dirty mouth / Sittin' on the roof with the fuckin' 30-30's out
by Count No-Count July 23, 2003
Florida Shores aka 'The Shores' aka the Dirty South
We got shoes hangin from the telephone wires in the Dirty South
by Jersey Boy #345 April 22, 2003
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