The dirty south is all of da south specially the ones off the gulf coast including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and yes Texas(if you dont think so you stupid, they country and very much south not mid west dummy)Tennessee, Arkansas , South and North Carolina, and actually kentucky ass well.
We all from da dirty south off tha gulf coast, thats what i said playa and playettes
by Dat BoiJuice December 31, 2005
Actually the dirty south is the most southernest states only.not no ny. fl,ga, kt,tn,nc,sc,tx,va,la(state not city).if the others states weren't named their not considered the dirty south.
"I represent the dirty an' we squall shit out", lil wanye words
by Teeze May 14, 2004
The poorest, dirtiest, countriest, ghettoist states in the country. Home of the murder capital, New Orleans. The states in the Dirty South are Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina
Bronx Nigga: y'all country niggas down south killed HIP HOP!

Columbia Nigga: Come down to the Dirty South and say that shit, get yo' head knocked off yo' shouldas, it'll be all gravy
by Zone 3 ATL June 17, 2010
A phrase made famous by Coolbreeze of the Dungeon Family. Became even more recognized, when the GOODIEMOB made a song out of it. The Dirty South meaning that everything isn't as cool as it seems in the South. Its dirty, there's a lot of struggling and bad things going on down here.
"What you Niggas know about about the DIRTY SOUTH"!

I'm coming straight out that DIRTY SOUTH!

I'm heading to the DIRTY SOUTH!
by rashard November 28, 2007
the states in the south including texas, tennesse, georgia, north carolina, south carolina, mississippi,alabama,florida, and VIRGINIA( yes virginia we is country you bitches da dirtiest). kentucky aint tho
texas,tennesse,georgianorthcarolina and south carolina ppl: we da dirty south biiitch we so tite

mississippi,alabama,florida,and virginia:yea we the dirtiest bitch we soo fucking hood!!!!!!

kentucky:yea we dirty southh too ah huck huck huck huck yeehaaaah

dirty south you aint you country hill billy fags
by Tapp. VA kid April 07, 2011
Florida is not part of it guys. Florida is it's own thing it not part of the south. to many people keep grouping Florida in this when it should not be an sadly many of today's younger cats sadly are grouping it wrong cuz of this.
Florida has it;s own flavor which is way to different to be grouped with anyone

the real dirty south states been named a million times already so no need for me to repeat them
stop spreading bs an grouping Florida with the dirty south
by therealDrunkie June 25, 2009
the southern states of KY,TN,AL,GA,FL,TX,SC,NC. Kentucky is commonly mistaken to not be part of the dirty south but it is in fact part of it.
I rep that dirty south!
by irock237 October 07, 2010
Verb: This is a literal extension of the phrase going down south; analingus.

"I went down on her last night, but I had to switch it up. So I kept on heading south; to the dirty south, if you know what I mean..."

Noun: the anal region

NOTE: this does not imply that the deep south is butt-hole in anyway or that Southerners are assholes
Dude1: How'd your date go last night?
Dude2: Awesome, she went down south on me.
Dude1: Really?
Dude2: yep, the "Dirty South"...
Dude1: Why can't I find a girl like that?
by Fork-N-Spoon June 21, 2009

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