When you pound a girl in the ass, pull out a fudge stick and draw a beard on her while you sing "Ho, ho, ho"
To spread holiday cheer Robert gave Cindy a Dirty Santa.. Laughter was had by all!
by Deenis December 17, 2007
Top Definition
A gift-giving game whereby participants are able to select a gift from the pool but run the risk of having it stolen if another participant on their subsequent selection turn decides they want it!
Office Christmas Game
by Nicole December 15, 2003
somewhat like a dirty sanchez. It's when a guy blows his load in his girl during anal sex then wipes his schlong on the girls face to make a white beard like santa.
I gave my girlfriend Mallory a dirty santa last night.
by Matt October 13, 2004
Just like a Filthy Sanchez, but it's a full beard...and involves gingerbread somehow.
He ate so many gingerbread cookies that he got bubble guts, so he exploded all over Sally's face, giving her a full bearded Dirty Santa.
by Pamber December 09, 2012
The act of dipping your balls one at a time into a bottle of milk. The result making your balls look like they have a santa beard.
Hey, did someone Dirty Santa this milk? It tastes like balls.
by jibbs02 November 03, 2009
when a woman puts her fingers between her legs and makes a guy sit on her lap.
give me a dirty santa baby!!!
by Alan September 21, 2003
you have it wrong, it's when someone is asleep and you fart in their face. The trick is when someone is sleeping
Bob gave bill a dirty santa when he was sleeping
by DA OLE DITY July 26, 2005
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