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To Suck someones penis, while on your knee
yo, she be getting her knees dirty.

Yo she got dirty knees.
by kibblasona January 05, 2006
21 9
Clear evidence of performing fellatio.
When they came out of the bathroom her hair was mussed; she might as well have had dirty knees.
by tman March 11, 2004
65 10
a girl that oral sex to a guy
yo, she got dirty knees!
by CivicChikk July 24, 2003
17 12
when a girl gives a boy head in a porta-potty, which results in her knees being covered in fecal material or piss. Once the man blows a load, and they clean up, the girl needs to use soap and water before her knees are to the original skin color.
Samantha has some dirty knees after the porta-potty incident.
by jacobito May 13, 2007
14 19