Another name for Proof from D12
by bojzzle July 09, 2004
Top Definition
a sexual manuver whereby a man and woman are having sex doggie style and the man as he is about to climax pulls out and fakes his orgasm by spitting hot saliva on the womans back, the woman then thinking the man is done turns around only to have the mans load blown in her face (possible somebody was watching clint eastwood as dirty harry when this move was pioneered)
i walked in on my parents having sex and to my suprise my dad served my mom up a dirty harry. Way to go dad, thats what that bitch gets for grounding me.
by brian March 14, 2004
The first, lone, psychotic cop on the edge. Known for his large collars, gigantic tie knots, sportcoats with elbow pads, and his big-ass .44 cannon. Freud suspects that the .44 cannon is compensation. The only man alive who can fire 30 shots out of a six shot revolver without reloading. Also known for his amazing ability to take on large groups of armed men (sometimes with automatic weapons) without dying. Can also kill six people before breakfast, smoke a cigarette afterwards, and be fit for duty again.
Dirty Harry just shot somebody again!
by Sergio Valente June 26, 2003
Straight up - the .44 Magnum
Callahan pulled out his dirty Harry and laid them all down!
by francois March 01, 2005
A rare but highly sought after 14 inch dildo resemling the .44 magnum used by clint eastwood in the film "Dirty Harry". Perhaps its most appealing attributes are its ribbed handle. smooth muzzle and durable swing-out cylinder. The Dirty Harry has been known to instantly induce orgasms measureable on the richter scale.
Pimp: "Yo Bitch! I see you wit' dat Dirty Harry one more 'gain n' ima' snack pack you!"

Ho: "Oh go suck a fatty Tyrese!"

Pimp: "Das it bitch, you in fo a soggy muffin!"
by Pirate Suite October 05, 2006
A girl, while being banged from behind, waits until the guy cums and then shits out a log that lays out on his dick as he pulls out.
I had no idea that freaky girl was going to pull a dirty harry on me.
by DirtyHarry666 February 22, 2010
When take your penis and put it in a girls butt then cum in her ear.
hey did you give her a dirty harry?
by Shitfaced bitch September 07, 2010
A drink made of whisky, martini extra dry and tonic (100/100/100) on the rocks.
He had one dirty harry too much last evening.
by 403 October 05, 2004
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