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A Dirty Frenchman is the same as a Dirty Sanchez except when you wipe your finger on their lip you say ha ha haa in a french accent.
JD's ex girl Ashley loved a Dirty Frenchman.
by BigSkullMan May 14, 2014
When a guy doesn't shave for a couple of days, and there is stubbel growth (5 o'clock shadow)
Dude 1: Hey Tim you didn't shave today?

Dude 2: Na. just feeling like a dirty frenchman.
by t-rex234 November 10, 2010
A drink made consisting of:
1 Part White Wine
1 Part Olive Oil
I was feeling frisky so I had the bartender mix me a dirty frenchman!
by Banthur April 14, 2008
Sexual position where the male is on top of the female and right before he busts shouts out " WI WI MOMMY"
My friend Eric always does the Dirty Frenchmen on bitches!!!
by Christopher Stewart February 07, 2007