The act of sticking a raw hotdog in ones anus and performing anal sex with it as a a dildo then grilling and eating it.
Dude you up for cleaning a dirty dog??
by jwseagles March 28, 2009
When having doggy style sex the girl or guy takes a shit
stephanie how did u like the DIRTY DOG
by ajo5 March 26, 2008
( Verb) The act of getting down on all fours and thrusting hips up and down. Much like a dog that is excited and can't control itself.
Lauren was so excited in the club that she got down a did the dirty dog all throughout the club, with no regrets.
by jdhvb August 10, 2009
Someone who has no consideration for others, who at will, will just fart and belch in front of others around him and just doesnt care that what he has done is filthy.
The Dirtydog farted in my face as i was eating my dinner.
by Mullet February 17, 2004
When you have anal sex unprotected and get a little shit smeared on your dick....
I worked her bootie out good, but ended up with a dirty dog....
by JustinSuzanne April 05, 2008

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