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The art of penetrating a female with an unwashed penis that had been used to penetrate another female at an earlier time.
I just dirty dicked that hoe, now she's got whatever that bitch had that I banged earlier.
by JCS Bricks August 13, 2004
verb: To have sex with more than one person without showering or washing of any sort.
John: Did you just fuck Lisa?
Ted: Sure did!
John: Didn't you fuck Kelly like an hour ago?
Ted: Yeah, so I got her with a dirtydick... No big deal
by Stampman May 24, 2009
Someone who, usually a guy who has sex with a girl who preys on guys, unbeknown to his knowledge that she is a whore.

She usually preys on freshmen or guys that are unaware of her fame.

The guy in particular is cursed for life of the name of Dirty Dick for the unknown amount of STD's contracted.
Dude 1: I had an awesome time with Tiffany last nite.
Dude 2: Don't you know, she preys on guys like us.
Dude 1: Oh shit...
Dude 2: Dude, you gotta dirty dick.
by Prophet of Salvation March 09, 2009
To take your penis and rub it around the the rim of someones cup or glass.
You're such an ass, I think I'll dirtydick your cup when you leave.
by Stacy February 19, 2005
When you and your buddies stop somewhere to pee, "Dirty Dick" is the act of picking up a handful of dirt and tossing it in your buddy's pants before he can zip up.

It is customary to shout, "Dirty Dick!" as you do it... then run like hell.
A few times in my life, I have Dirty Dicked a friend. Hurry up and finish peeing yourself, then grab a handful of dirt. Pick your slowest peeing friend and toss the dirt into his pants as he is finishing up, while shouting, "Dirty Dick!"
by Dirty Dick Rick August 01, 2012
A male who has an STD and doesn't notify his partners before sexual activity
That dirty dick anthony gave me the clap
by Wurdy Gurdy October 09, 2009
Bay Area (cali) slang for a thirty round clip, usually the magazine on a .40 -- sometimes called "thirty dick" or just "dirties". Called this cuz the clip is so long it hangs out like a dick when u got it strapped up
"R-U-E, foties on both sidez
rockin tha twin towers, dirties on both sidez
aint no questions, you know im gon ride
only question is, is you gon die?" Lil Rue - Gon Ride

"i'm mobbin, glock fotie n a eighth of lean
a bottle and some heron music, that be the recipe
top shotta so i gotta keep a banga thang,
walked up on him like nigga gimme errthang,
ask philthy, lil blood been wakin shit,
beatin niggas all in the head wit dis dirty dick" Lil Blood - Livewire - Riddin Dirty
by thasonurrthangbruh December 02, 2011
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