The act of performing anal sex on a female who still has shit in their ass. The shit then gets caked onto the penis where then the male takes his penis and writes a big "D" on her cheek with the shit.
Bro, that girl had the nastiest dirty d ink ever, i think there was corn in it.
by Steeeeb May 09, 2010
A young man whos perverted. The biggest perv around whos name is D (Hence Dirty D)
Oi dirty D stop fuckin pervin these chicks, they dont like it!
by sanchez April 19, 2005
half asian, half white. The best dick around. Girls be very afraid when the dirty d comes around.
Ladies, you'll need a wheel chair once you get the dirty d.
by Derek Lee April 17, 2005
The biggest bad ass alive today. Half Asian Half White, no can deny the touch of Dirty D.
Little did Jamie know, one she met the Dirty D no else could satisfy her needs.
by Derek Lee April 17, 2005
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