Nickname for the guy (usually, but not always, with a D name like Damon, D-licious or Derrick,) whos always tryin to mooch or hustle you (or move in your girlfriend) but is so obviously shady that no one trusts him anymore.
"Damn! Thats 'sposed to be a dime? You went and got from Dirty D again huh?
by LeGrande February 25, 2007
a gay crackhead that goes both ways and has a tongue ring! Usually goes for women that will pay and cater to his crackheaded ways!
I had a good time with that Dirty D i found on Wilson Way. Even though his stanky ass was broke as hell!
by Darren Hickerson March 23, 2007
The Palm Springs area in Southern California, i.e. the dirty "desert," which was colonized as early as the 1920s as a place for illicit trysts by gays and straights alike, and where gays of ALL ages come from all over the world to go wild like we used to in sf "back in the day" - for'd have to see it for yourself.
seen on a gay sex hookup site i.e., "been away to the real world and now i'm back in the dirty d to do what i do best..."
by the naked animal May 12, 2008
The city and county of Durham, North Carolina. Esp. the neighborhoods behind walmart.
Dirty D is the place to be!
by kmoneyy April 12, 2008
The act of performing anal sex on a female who still has shit in their ass. The shit then gets caked onto the penis where then the male takes his penis and writes a big "D" on her cheek with the shit.
Bro, that girl had the nastiest dirty d ink ever, i think there was corn in it.
by Steeeeb May 09, 2010
A dark mystical creature from the deep dark abyss of haiti that has mountainous pimples on the forehead region, a cheetos bakery on her lips because they are mad crusty, smells like a combonation of sewege waste and the homeless, a disgrace to all haitian people, has infectious gums and scientists have tested her skin cells and they now believe she is the reason gonnreahea have started.
Jacob: If i go in the water is dirty d going to get me?
Joshua: Of course she is a mystical creature isnt she.


Man i wanted some cheetos so i went to dirty d's house.
by Jacob Banks April 11, 2009
A nickname for dextromethorphan.

I heard you guys got some dirty d
Man I was trippin on the dirty d this weekend.
by Who is Mike G. September 01, 2008

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