Primarily used in an attempt to be derogatory in the description of an assertivewoman. However,many of us embrace it and stand proudly, we'll wear it like Prada or a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. We've tackled business, commerce and political office in an aggressive manner. When we are successful at it, we are often called a bitch or dirty bitch especially by our male counterparts. We are not feminists just simply women who do their job well.
"We say what we mean, mean what we say and try not to say it too mean."
"That's one Dirty Bitch you don't wanna mess with or play/toy with her emotions!"
by Babz @ Dirty Bitch Society August 08, 2008
Top Definition
A woman who loves to be fucked in all holes. A bitch who enjoys having sex in every position imaginable, usually with two or more partners.

See whore, slut.
DAMN!!! Your mom really is a dirty bitch. She just invited me over to an all-night gangbang with six other people.
by urban pervert February 26, 2003
A female dog that hasn't been washed.
That dirty bitch is stinkin' up the whole house.
by evelynnnn October 22, 2005
any Hilton Hotel

"No, I think I'd rather stay at the Marriott. At least there my money isn't going towards Paris' trust fund, like it is at The Dirty Bitch."
by JennBenn August 22, 2006
the dirtiest girl in the world...complete dirt
Olivia Dodds=dirty bitch
by Cleanest guy in the world May 13, 2009
A guy you probably have worked with that will sleep with anything propped up on two legs with an ass (preferably when she is really really drunk). Usually will consider himself a pimp and wear Cadillac hood ornaments and have huge stupid sideburns. His fingers smell of a whore’s ass and his flat is usually decorated with stupid shit like bullhorns and other phallic trash.
Holy shit, dirtybitch took home that chicken whore and jammed his hand up her ass!
by ::DiRtY:: February 12, 2003
Black Charles, a guy in San Antonio, whose slept with one third of the population of Texas! (skanks and hoes alike)
If you were to go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas on a crowded day, one out of every three women that you see will have had sex with that Dirty Bitch!
by Cee Cee and White Charles April 20, 2004
also used as a nick name for methamphetamine
"yo you chillen with the dirty bitch"
"bring her over man I got cash"
by ExUsa September 06, 2009
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