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A dance done at Camp Swampy by Major Randy "Birdie" Burk. Mostly done after a winning golf game. He will stamp his feet into the dirt, peck at the ground like a chicken, and wave his hands in the air. Similar to the Dirty Bird fan move. So if you want to stay out until about 12:30 play golf with Birdie Burk and learn the Dirty Birdie!
Birdie: Yes, I beat you good, Halftrack! (jumps up and down in excitement) Dirty Birdie, take that! (starts doing the Dirty Birdie)

Amos: Yeah, you beat me all right. What's this dance you're doing? Is that the Dirty Bird? (he starts following what Birdie's doing)

Birdie: No. Its not the Dirty Bird, its the Dirty Birdie. Its a dance that I do every time I win a golf game. You stamp your feet, peck like a chicken, and then do the Dirty Bird. Beetle Bailey fans will love it.

Amos: Sweet! This is a great new dance. When we get back I'm going to show it to Marty. We'll be doing the Dirty Birdie all the way down.

Birdie: Oh yes! The Dirty Birdie rules! Its a sweet move. It doesn't hurty when you do the Dirty Birdie!

Amos: Sweet! (they high five each other and stamp their feet)
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 28, 2011
A person who exhibits extreme perversion and an unbridled enjoyment for all things sexual.
You dirty birdie! (in response to a comment involving something perverse or sexual, duh)
by TheAngryMidget May 30, 2004
A really cute nice guy who's known for being slutty. As long as you know he's not for you, and you keep him in check, you can enjoy this guy.
Yeah I know he's a dirty birdie, so I won't invest any feelings over him, he's just such a great kisser.
by sparklemotion July 27, 2008