A nasty, grosse, just all around disgusting woman. Most commonly refered to as a skank. A dirty bird can be found in all types of setting: office, retail, high school, college, military (most have been found here). A dirty bird usually think she is not a dirty bird or skank and always laughs when someone calls her that. In all reality the people are not joking and really do think she is a nasty piece of shit.

Also if said woman is white and likes black men, then she is one of the biggest dirty birds of all time.
Smith: I saw this one goat giving it to another goat and it turned me on.
Others: You are a fucking dirty bird!
Smith: lol I love you guys:

Samith walks away.

Guy 1: Does she think we are joking?
Guy 2: Probably, but we totally aren't, shes a nasty skank.
by CoUnMe April 23, 2010
Top Definition
A touchdown celebration created by Jamal Anderson for the 1998 Atlanta Falcons. The dance, which consisted of flapping arms to act like wings, was introduced when tight end O.J. Santiago celebrated his two-touchdown effort following a 41-10 victory at New England in early November. The fever it generated captivated a national audience as well as brought the Falcons to the front of the Atlanta sports scene.
The Dirty Bird is one of the best end zone celebrations ever.
by Spanky June 26, 2005
n. A particularly promiscuous woman. Dirty birds act
in complete disregard for the consequences, hence
their unclean nature. See raggedy bitch.
Example 1

Calvin (singing): Got them dirty birrrrrds, got them
dirty birrrrrds...

Monica: What are you babbling about?

Calvin: Them dirty birds, they be giving you diseases
and shit.

Monica: Eloquently stated.

Example 2

David: I hear that Allison has become something of
a dirty bird ever since prom night.

Alejandra: Fuck me gently with a chainsaw!
by CM187 May 20, 2010
'A girl who usually appears innocent, often having a private school background, but who is ultimately ten times dirtier than any other girl out there. She revels in being a sort of 'secret slut' and only very few know about her slutty behaviour. She enjoys most sexually activities, especially those that others find out of bounds and has most likely engaged in sex with multiple men. In short, she is filthy.'
'That girl Zoe is a right dirty bird, last night she came round to my house and sucked off me and my best mate before letting us both take her from behind'
by Filthy Boy December 06, 2007
Hammering a girl in the ass who is not your girlfriend, then returning home and coercing your girlfriend into sucking your unwashed penis.
My woman done pissed me off so I issued her a dirty bird using her grandmother's ass.
by Butter B. Bean May 02, 2003
Someone whose mind is usually in the gutter (i.e. dirty thoughts)
"Have you seen my spectacles?"
"What??? Testicles?"
"Dirty bird."


Howard Stern is a dirty bird.
by Shorty January 28, 2004
Atlanta Falcons
"I wanna get you in the Georgia Dome on the fifty yard line
while the dirty birds kick for t'ree"
Ludacris - What's Your Fantasy
by malcontex August 21, 2008
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