The thin pre-mustache that is clearly visible on the upper lip of an adolescent. A slang word for a Hispanic person.
Mike has a blond dirty.
by Alexander Spengler January 22, 2008
When a female gives a handjob, accepting the climax into her hand, and subsequently wiping it across the male's face and chest, calling him a "dirty dirty boy," who loves Taco Bell.
Things went horribly wrong. That girl I hooked up with pulled a dirty on me.
by Paul Avery February 21, 2008
Dirty can be used in many ways. Read the following examples to use the word "dirty" correctly.
Look at the dirty comin' out of the woods.

You smell like shit you dirty.

That kid has a fupa, what a dirty.
A synonym for bad, or ugly. Anything that is unwanted.
This homework assignment is pretty dirty.
Your dog is so dirty.
by J.C. Smet May 06, 2008
any chick that gives sex. can or can not be hot, but although may not sound appealing, being with a dirty, doesn't make u dirty.
oh check it out, those dirties just roked, i rekon i might get sex tonite. DIRTIES RULE
by Captain Pimp Master January 23, 2004
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