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To do someone wrong
a bitch slaps you and yoUr homeboy says " Damn Dawg she did you dirty".
by TWEEDY863 April 08, 2010
6 7
1. Fucking awesome, especially with regard to style and clothing in sports.

2. Can also be used to describe an object or activity as "cool".
1. "Dude I think I'm gonna rock the eye black this game, if BDG doesn't kill me for it. It'll be dirty."

2. Guy 1- "Hey, did you see that fight where Josh got his ass beat?"
Guy 2- "Hell yea man, that was fuckin' dirty!"
by Ms. G -FCHS- February 11, 2010
3 4
adj; great at something,usually sports
That guy is dirty at football

Gomes,you are too dirty at passing
by Bryan coloma September 05, 2008
8 9
A synonym for bad, or ugly. Anything that is unwanted.
This computer is so dirty, it doesn't even start.
by J.C. Smet May 07, 2008
5 6
ADJECTIVE; 1.Good food made better by adding other things.
A cheese burger is good or "clean", but a barbecue bacon cheese burger with ranch dressing is "dirty". Or a waffle with butter and syrup is "clean", but a waffle with cream cheese or peanut butter and syrup is "dirty".

"There are so many "dirty" things on this menu, I don't know what to order."
by CASEY GRZEBIEN November 27, 2006
1 2
To have a weapon with you, usually while driving.
The police caught me riding dirty.
by Randy Jones April 20, 2006
229 230
This word can be used in many different forms. Most popular is to use it to express dissatisfaction in any given (mostly negetive) situation. It is so versitile that it can also be used in a sentence all by itself.

Homeboy spilled the beer...that was dirty!

I don't like that shiesty ho, she did me dirty!
by Libra Chic August 08, 2005
18 19