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An ugly chick that a guy picks up. He may be blinded by her ungliness and doesn't mean to pick her up
Look, Cookie picked up another dirty!
He's talking to the dirties again!
by Mr Swarve June 09, 2004
Racist term used to denote person of Hispanic origin who has emigrated to the United States illegally; a beaner.
I want to move to El Paso, but they've got too many dirties there.
by Brown Sugar March 20, 2003
A person who is not hygienically inadequate by modern standards. Often one who is described as dirty could be of arab genetics. However, many people from a variety of races can be dirty.
"Reid, of Indian descent, does not have arab genetics, yet is still clearly a dirty."
by Pen15 memeber June 25, 2009
Dirty is a night lerker who only comes out later than 1:30 a.m. He is known to have smoke flowing out of his mouth and ears from marijuana. He is a very dipressed person and only whisper he is known to be very well... Dirty.
Amadou: "OMG is there a fire!!"
Arrow: "It's just Dirty smoking a bong"
by TheBobcat8 March 10, 2009
In electronic dance music circles, especially Techno and Drum & Bass, an adjective used to describe a hard, filtered sound to a song or drum loop. usually a positive statement. see ill or grimey.
It's my favorite track right now - the bassline is fuckin' dirty as hell!
by oolong August 19, 2005
an announcement of territorial domain when leaving a seat. Calling "dirties" will inform those nearby that you will return and that your seat is off limits.
I'm gonna go grab another drink..."dirties".
by 3one2 January 28, 2009
an extremely good looking, sexy person, mainly female
halle berry is dirty.....so am i!!
by nomuhle October 09, 2005