a little slut
Looks go out and scoop up some dirties tonight.
by Herb N. Dictionary November 04, 2002
The gun dirty harry uses in "Dirty Harry" a .44 Smith and Wesson model 29. Potter Payper started using this in his songs and uses it frequently as a way of talking about his gun.
Potter Payper: "I use the laser or the dirty cause I got em both."
by Ass Pillager February 08, 2015
A synonym for bad, or ugly. Anything that is unwanted.
This computer is so dirty, it doesn't even start.
by J.C. Smet May 07, 2008
ADJECTIVE; 1.Good food made better by adding other things.
A cheese burger is good or "clean", but a barbecue bacon cheese burger with ranch dressing is "dirty". Or a waffle with butter and syrup is "clean", but a waffle with cream cheese or peanut butter and syrup is "dirty".

"There are so many "dirty" things on this menu, I don't know what to order."
by CASEY GRZEBIEN November 27, 2006
To have a weapon with you, usually while driving.
The police caught me riding dirty.
by Randy Jones April 20, 2006
a person who doesn't shower for long periods of time
That guy's hair was do greasy he must be a dirty.
by asdfghjkl(; June 08, 2009
individual he/she that can not be trusted,backstabber,
You see that guy over there? hes a dirty mother fucker.
by Anton Lavey August 17, 2007
(adj) term used to describe a woman that would have sexual intercourse with anything or anybody.
Britney Spears is dirty.
by Dr ass-man June 06, 2005
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