a little slut
Looks go out and scoop up some dirties tonight.
by Herb N. Dictionary November 04, 2002
1. Fucking awesome, especially with regard to style and clothing in sports.

2. Can also be used to describe an object or activity as "cool".
1. "Dude I think I'm gonna rock the eye black this game, if BDG doesn't kill me for it. It'll be dirty."

2. Guy 1- "Hey, did you see that fight where Josh got his ass beat?"
Guy 2- "Hell yea man, that was fuckin' dirty!"
by Ms. G -FCHS- February 11, 2010
adj; great at something,usually sports
That guy is dirty at football

Gomes,you are too dirty at passing
by Bryan coloma September 05, 2008
when you're doing something you're not supposed to be doing or you're being naughty.
driving a car while drinking alcohol.... dude's ridin' dirty.


a girl who grab's her boyfriend's crotch in public... she's such a dirty girl.

by juzdon August 17, 2006
This word can be used in many different forms. Most popular is to use it to express dissatisfaction in any given (mostly negetive) situation. It is so versitile that it can also be used in a sentence all by itself.

Homeboy spilled the beer...that was dirty!

I don't like that shiesty ho, she did me dirty!
by Libra Chic August 08, 2005
In poker, a flop containing all low cards, usually 10 or lower. In rare circumstances, jacks and even queens can be part of a "dirty" flop.

Can also be used sarcastically with a very top-heavy flop.
Dealer: "Three players to the flop. Percy will be first to act."

(Flop comes Ts, 3h, 5d)

Percy: "Dat shit is dirty!"
Everyone: "Oh Percy!"
by House Housington June 21, 2005
referring to someone as your friend
Yo, thats ma dirty right therre.
by hostaa June 28, 2003
1) Not clean (opposite of clean)
2) Doing the deed
1) I spilled milk on myself, and am now dirty
2) Frank and I got in my mother's bed and got down and dirty
by Mancki May 14, 2015
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