a little slut
Looks go out and scoop up some dirties tonight.
by Herb N. Dictionary November 04, 2002
a group or one women who is/are huge sluts,skanks,tricks,ugly bitches who go to hc
"haha hey sid look at that group of fucking dirty's"
u txtin the dirty's?"
by justin mac man December 10, 2007
adj. Possessing narcotics or other illegal substances hidden on your person.
A: The fucking po'po's are pulling us over.

B: Shit n*gga, I'm dirty.

A: Swallow that shit right quick.

B: A'ight
by JGD July 19, 2006
When something that is said or done degrates someone in a funny manner.
"Hey Steve, i'm saving my viginity until marriage."
"Really Tim? Well...thats cool i guess....im sure he'll be good for you"
by Guinzo March 31, 2003
One who adopts the practice of exploiting social programs and resources (e.g. Welfare, section 8, ect.) as a lifestyle in an effort to evade work. Because they are neither employed, nor seeking employment, dirties have an abundance of free time most often used in a self-indulgent, non-constructive manner. For recreation, dirties will loiter around cities during all hours of the day, often under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They often wear flat-brim hats, tank-tops or oversized t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, baggy pants, skateboard or basketball shoes and have extremely poor hygiene. They are also known to purchase an excess of items such as soft drinks, sugary foods, chips, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products with taxpayer money in the form of a plastic card (EBT, SNAP, ect.)
Make sure to roll up your vehicle's windows almost all the way, so it lets the air come in, and keeps the dirties out.

-Hey John, do you think that man over there is on his lunch break? I see him walking the streets every day.

-No Harry, that man has a sideways flat-brim hat and a wife beater, he's just a dirty.
by The Walrus from Hell November 28, 2011
(Noun form):
A younger person who is a waste of space, has no marketable skills, is not overly attractive or hygenic, is extremely loud and obnoxious, and typically has a drug and/or alcohol addiction. They usually travel in packs that ride around in a shitty, beat-up car together. Their hobbies include showing up and ruining your friends' parties. Attempts to try and curb dirty participation at regular-kid parties have been made by attaching "no dirties" requests at the end of party invitation texts/facebook messages, but it is an uphill battle. The best hope to fight dirty-ism is by hoping that they have to move once their welfare runs out/they can no longer make thier house payments/their dads get busted for drug possession.
Don't tell ronny about the party. He'll tell a dirty, and then a whole pack of dirties will show up and lower my house's propery value.
by ihatebuffering March 05, 2011
In Coquitlam B.C., we call a girl who's, not so clean, and usually very easy, a dirty.
Hey Chris pounded two dirties in my livingroom last night.
by Turkey_Dinner August 28, 2006
mixing cocaine with weed. straight from tha durty... 305!!
yo, u wanna hit dat dirty?
by angie February 23, 2005
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