a little slut
Looks go out and scoop up some dirties tonight.
by Herb N. Dictionary November 04, 2002
A way to describe something or someone that is unclean or nasty.
John: Do you smell that fart?
Bob: Aww, thats dirty!

Joe: So I heard you like Amy?
Dan: No, she's dirty.
by DavDav20 January 29, 2009
another word for the evil stare, mainly used in Australia, New Zealand and also Torres Strait Islands.
Friend 1 - I just walked by and she chucked me the dirties
Friend 2 - What a Bitch!
by ilikepeoplewhoareweird November 15, 2010
Name for someone with some type of STD. Usualy it can be assumed with sluts and whores.
Guy A...so man what you do last night

Guy B...man i ended up fuckin that ashly chick.
Guy A...dude i hope you used a condom, that chick is dirty.
by jimster1989 February 15, 2009
a group or one women who is/are huge sluts,skanks,tricks,ugly bitches who go to hc
"haha hey sid look at that group of fucking dirty's"
u txtin the dirty's?"
by justin mac man December 10, 2007
horny, sexually exciting, explicit
That was a dirty movie.
by K Joyce May 01, 2015
a word used to describe something that is praiseworthy or done extremely well. in the same vein as nasty or, in some cases, filthy.
guy 1: "did you come to our game last night?"

guy 2: "yeah, i saw you hit that line drive in the fifth inning"

guy 1: "shit was too dirty!"
by mr. hemphill January 01, 2011
1. the act of getting freaky in the bedroom

2. the act of getting crazy

3. an expression to something fun or exciting

1. We need to get dirty tonight baby

2. we gettin straight dirty tonight at the bar?

3. I slammed 37 beers last night, Thats dirty
by Nothinbutfacials May 03, 2009

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