One who adopts the practice of exploiting social programs and resources (e.g. Welfare, section 8, ect.) as a lifestyle in an effort to evade work. Because they are neither employed, nor seeking employment, dirties have an abundance of free time most often used in a self-indulgent, non-constructive manner. For recreation, dirties will loiter around cities during all hours of the day, often under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They often wear flat-brim hats, tank-tops or oversized t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, baggy pants, skateboard or basketball shoes and have extremely poor hygiene. They are also known to purchase an excess of items such as soft drinks, sugary foods, chips, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products with taxpayer money in the form of a plastic card (EBT, SNAP, ect.)
Make sure to roll up your vehicle's windows almost all the way, so it lets the air come in, and keeps the dirties out.

-Hey John, do you think that man over there is on his lunch break? I see him walking the streets every day.

-No Harry, that man has a sideways flat-brim hat and a wife beater, he's just a dirty.
by The Walrus from Hell November 28, 2011
not clean
i was in the mud, i am now dirty.
by yeah May 11, 2003
a little slut
Looks go out and scoop up some dirties tonight.
by Herb N. Dictionary November 04, 2002
really good. a superlative, sick, awesome
Micah is real good at basketball.
Yeah, he's dirty.
by CT April 06, 2003
Way of ordering/preparing a martini; made by adding a splash of olive juice to a martini (atop the usual dry vermouth and vodka/gin), garnished with an olive.
"Grey Goose martini, dirty, please."
by E.L. Train June 26, 2006
Those nasty, ghetto, slutty chicks that block up the halls in your highschool. When you try to pass them you feel like you need a shower to sanitize yourself of the drugs and herpes that you were just possibly contaminated with. Usually characterized with big, baggy sweatshirts or hoodies and jeans with slits passed 5 inches up the side of the leg.
I was trying to tell you a story in the hall but those dirties were in the way!
by Wonder Twin #2 October 30, 2005
(1) To be in possession of an illegal substance, particularly drugs.
(2) To be using drugs or found to be using through a test
(3) Shifty, greasy, unkempt, possession bad manners; having “redneck” qualities.
(4) A mullet
(1) I'm not going to the concert with you if you are dirty. We might get busted.
(2) Barry Bonds never showed up dirty on his tests because he took measures to ensure he showed clean.
(3) She's so dirty; he must be mad about her to wanna go out with someone s-o-o-o-o on the other side of the tracks.
(4) Dawg the Bounty Hunter has a helluva dirty.
by Bill Peters October 12, 2006
A marijuana cigarette that is laced with cocaine.
Wana smoke a 'dirty'.
by K-Dawg July 18, 2003

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