julie molina the girl who cody fucked in paul's guest bedroom while there were 4 people in the adjoining room and there was no lock on the door
by Paul January 13, 2005
'Cause ladies is pimps too. It's 2009. Mary Tyler Moore has been replaced by Carrie Bradshaw, The Brady Bunch has become The Real World, and Diana Ross can be found on youtube grabbing a strategically placed pasty on Lil Kim. This is not the world our mothers grew up in. Women work as hard as men and play even harder. So ladies, before you get in the game, learn the rules and regulations of being a Dirty Whore.

Girl, you sure did dirty whore it up last night at the bar, was that brothers I saw you leave with?
by DWNumber1 July 29, 2009
When you put cocaine on a cigarette after you do some lines
that was good lets go smoke a dirty whore with whats left.
by John Broaker November 11, 2004

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