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a toxic squirt from matts vag that can burn through skin very dangerous avoid at all costs also a smelly squirt
OMG that dirty v just missed my eye you matt vagicle!
by titysucker mgee August 12, 2011
8 4
1) Vincennes University: Oldest public institution of higher learning in Indiana. Refereed to as the Dirty V by most who attend due to school policies, ethnic groups, and location south of Terre Haute, IN.
Hey dude you going back to the Dirty V this fall?
by BigSamuel August 18, 2011
9 4
The brown V-shaped stain left on the rear of the crapper after a total fat-body pinches a loaf.
Bill : " So Mike, why did all of your roommates move out ? "

Mike : " Well Bill, apparentely because of the high volume of " Dirty V's " I left on the toilet seat !!! "
by M-Dizzy March 24, 2005
4 7