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an old skanky woman who has never douched and has crusty vigina
u ar the 1's who are ball lickers
by Justin July 03, 2003
When someone is sleeping or passed out and another person spreads his/hers buttocks cheeks and goes on to sit on the sleeping person face. These steps may be repeated a number of times until the person awakes to take a bite of this festive mexican treat of anus.
Cam drank so much he passed out and didn't wake up until I gave him 43 dirty tacos.
by Urban Dictionary April 26, 2003
When someone performs oral sex on a woman immediately aftfer she received an Alabama hot pocket.
Kevin gave Tracy the Alabama hot pocket and Justin dove down and got himself a dirty taco. And Aaron fucked your mom.
by Boston-Pancake January 14, 2011
Where your fucking a girl in the ass then you stick your dick in her twat.
Did you give that girl the dirty taco?
by Justin September 19, 2004