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Down in the southeast...mostly around the ghettos consisting of the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, etc...mostly all them states in the southeast...
I live in Tennessee--tha dirrty south!!!
by tncntrygal14 December 09, 2003
The dirty south is the cultural and geograpical South of Black America. This term was made popular by hip-hop in the 1990's. This region consists of twelve states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky (debatable) Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Historically, each of these states were part of the Confederacy, therefore being former slave states, and the Blacks in this region take pride in the customs they share and the struggles they have faced as a group. This people of this region also share a bond from fighting the stereotypical view by Blacks of other regions as being backwards and country.

The term "dirty" exemplifies the conditions the Blacks of this region have lived, survived, and thrived in since Blacks were brought over as slaves.
The Dirty South is the opposite of what is depicted when one thinks of Dixieland.
by P.Rich March 02, 2011
States that are in the southern part. Where people get crunk, be grilled out, ride on slabs. Down in Texas were they were the big belt buckels. Jam to screw
what ya'll know bout that dirty south
by S.n.a October 28, 2007
A dorm that often smells like a French whorehouse. Full of sexy hoochies, pussy slayers, and bathroom stalls full of gallons of puke. Condom wrappers are just decorative accent as well as the freshly trimmed pubes you will see lining the drains of the showers.
I'm a proud parent of three beautiful daughters, they all live in thee dirty south and like the act of southern spittooning.
by AnthonyKock January 28, 2014
Correction on that last one......the 0nly state people WOULD NOT consider being part of the Dirty South would be Kentucky
Kentucky, specially northern is not the south
by Yo Mama August 14, 2004
When everything goes wrong while having sex. Having multiple, often hilarious, mishaps while love-making. In other words, when a single fuck becomes a cluster fuck.
While getting on top of your partner, you accidentally check her in the jaw. Then, while repositioning, you almost throw her off the bed. Next, you get a bloody nose and bleed all over her. Finally, when returning to the bedroom, you bring only a single sheet of paper towel to clean up, and your lover sneers, "Really? What the hell? Is this the dirty south?"
by Comedy of Errors July 10, 2011
The poorest, dirtiest, countriest, ghettoist states in the country. Home of the murder capital, New Orleans. The states in the Dirty South are Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina
Bronx Nigga: y'all country niggas down south killed HIP HOP!

Columbia Nigga: Come down to the Dirty South and say that shit, get yo' head knocked off yo' shouldas, it'll be all gravy
by Zone 3 ATL June 17, 2010