1)Dirty South is rap that popped up the latter half of the 1990's. It's inspirations drew from Dr. Dre's 'Chronic' album and 2 Live Crew's nast traditions in equivalent measure, arriving at a stond, violent, sex-obsessed and (naturally) cuss-oriented brand of modern hip-hop. It was named after a song by Goodie Mobb. They and OutKast are said to be the best that this style of rap music has to offer, but their lyrics are better than such contemporaries like the 'No Limit Posse'. Dirty South descended from Souther rap.

2) It can also refer to the southern region which is: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Florida is NOT a part of 'the south' when it concerns cultures, only geographically.
You can only get sweet tea in restaurants when in the dirty south.
by Rollin6s July 20, 2004
Nickname for the Southeastern U.S states; North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Texas (Not southeast but still part of the dirty dirty), Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi. Major cities are; Atlanta, Charleston, Houston, Montgomery, Miami, etc.
I from Jurzee but I still love the dirty south. How could you hate cities so great?
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
States that are below and defined by the old school Mason Dixon Line. Which is still in effect look at the college allstar game. The teams are separated by North and South. Dirty South is not also called the 3rd Coast which is the Gulf Coast. 3rd Coast States are Texas, Louisiana, Missippi, Alabama, and Florida the west part of that state because the east part of Florida is on the Atlantic.
It's called the dirty south because of all the crooked stuff that goes on. Like Bubba Sparx said the south is dirty now it's getting ugly.
by Bundage March 02, 2007
The southeastern United states that were once known the Confederate States of America. This falls into different categories though as follows.

The Upper South:

Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The term Upper South was often used to refer specifically to the Confederate states that did not secede until after the attack on Fort Sumter

The Deep South:

South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. These are the seven states that seceded from the United States before the firing on Fort Sumter and the start of the American Civil War, and originally formed the Confederate States of America.

Today the Southern United States of America is usually seen as follows:

The Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida

However, when people reefer to the "Duurty South" they typically refer to the deep
South. With that being said it should be noted that the upper south is quite dirty as well. West Virginia is almost never seen as the south now and days but more of Border-line Midwest or East Central United States of America. This also applies to Kentucky and sometimes Tennessee if your one of those assholes leaving bullshit on urban dictionary when you need to go back to school and learn basic geography.

The Southern United States is well known for:

1) High or higher obesity rate than the rest of the nation. However Saint Louis, MO did top as the fat capital.

2) Southern states have the highest overall crime rates in the entire United States. "FACT" (source: “Wikipedia” crime in United States)

3) Southern style cooking. (Good shit) And varies state to state. =)

4) Very ugly dirty dilapidated buildings.

5) Crazy ass parties and fine bitches.

6) Gold Grillz, as well as huge silly ass rims.

7) Swamps and Alligators.

8) And Southern Hospitality. Depending where you go in the south that could be a “hi let me get that for you dear”. To...”If you don’t stop staring at me im gonna shoot you in the face”.

1)dirty south aka Duuurty south

2) Not as dirty. as the Dirty south. But New Jersey is pretty close.
by eric101111 October 25, 2008
tha southern part of tha US, including Texas, Lousiana, Missippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida Ect. Also Known as "Tha 3rd Coast"
Where u stay
In tha Dirty South
by B Money March 04, 2003
The dirty south is all of da south specially the ones off the gulf coast including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and yes Texas(if you dont think so you stupid, they country and very much south not mid west dummy)Tennessee, Arkansas , South and North Carolina, and actually kentucky ass well.
We all from da dirty south off tha gulf coast, thats what i said playa and playettes
by Dat BoiJuice December 31, 2005
The dirty south is the cultural and geograpical South of Black America. This term was made popular by hip-hop in the 1990's. This region consists of twelve states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky (debatable) Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Historically, each of these states were part of the Confederacy, therefore being former slave states, and the Blacks in this region take pride in the customs they share and the struggles they have faced as a group. This people of this region also share a bond from fighting the stereotypical view by Blacks of other regions as being backwards and country.

The term "dirty" exemplifies the conditions the Blacks of this region have lived, survived, and thrived in since Blacks were brought over as slaves.
The Dirty South is the opposite of what is depicted when one thinks of Dixieland.
by P.Rich March 02, 2011
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