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Sexual: When you put your thumbs in a girls ass during doggie style, pull them out and give her football stripes under her eyes.
How ya like me now beeyyee itch? That was a dirty shane fo ya
by Darren Hofert March 31, 2004
A dirty shane is a beer bong hose with a face mask on the end of it. It's used to blow a Shotgun (definition 4) such that the recipient must inhale through both nostrils and mouth which results in a stronger hit.
This delivers a stronger shotgun with less wasted smoke, and eliminates the issue of shotgunning another person's boyfriend or girlfriend, as the dirty shane act's as an intermediary.
by Kevinzzzz August 21, 2005
when i dumped a dude named shane and then he goes off makin out w/some other girl, after he said he loved me and then calls me a bitch the next week-aka, dick head... ya, u kno what i mean. also, made a girl feel like a piece of shit.
if u dont already get the pic...
slut-that explains all
by The Fake Lauren July 10, 2004

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