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Dirty saw = A hot rod chainsaw,one that has been modified beyond its manufactures original intent. This includes but not limited to porting or opening up the exhaust port,Balancing the crank,cleaning up the ports in the head to allow for better fuel and air flow.
Why use a box store saw when you can really let the chips fly with a dirty saw or a hot saw. Box store chainsaw= chevette. hot saw or dirty saw= top fuel funny car!
by falconburn January 21, 2012
Another name for Warsaw, Indiana. Also known as "War City". Though the Urban Dictionary definition of "War City" is inaccurate, both War City and Dirty Saw are incredibly accurate terms for describing the town of Warsaw.
If you're going to be in the Dirty Saw this weekend, we'll be chillin in the Taco Bell parking lot.
by C.A.K. February 13, 2008
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