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a dirty sandwich is simply two pieces of bread, meat of your choice, cheese, and "homemade" mayo which is ejaculated onto one piece of bread.
"Dude, she ate my dirty sandwich!"
#dirty #cum #sandwich #dirty sanchez #ejaculate #sperm
by Titsmcgrit June 25, 2011
A sandwich that is just simply amazing. It may have everything on it or hardly anything at all. Usually used when a person is very focused on eating at the time.
guy 1: I'm so hungry.
guy 2: Yeah me to, I'm gonna make a dirty sandwich and grub.
#food #stoner defenitions #slang #urban #hungry
by Dave Gonzo December 12, 2007
A term used to describe something that it is bad, that sucks, is unclean, unfair, etx.
Dude #1: Dude, my game crashed and I 15% EXP!!
Dude #2: Dirty sandwich.
by Zenel June 05, 2005
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