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Sticking your finger in a girl's ass, then wiping said finger under her eyes like eye black, a la Deion Sanders.
Instead of settling for the normal dirty sanchez routine, Eric gave Donna the Dirty Sanders instead.
by Matt Hurst March 10, 2004
A Dirty Sanders is where you have titty sex with a woman only backwards such that your ass is in her face, sitting on it in fact if you do it right. When you are done, blow it on her chin to give her a goatee not unlike the late great Colonel Sanders himself.

I am a Sanders and my father (not the Colonel) coined this move with your mother. I gave it a name and added the finale, but can't take full credit.
I sat on her face, pressed her titties together, and gave her a good ol' fashioned Dirty Sanders.
by Just some Sanders February 20, 2009
When you are hooking up with someone so ugly, you need to cover their face, but you lack a bag. You use your KFC bucket instead, which bears the face of the Colonel Sanders. For some, this is a unique fetish. For others, it's just really weird.
You hook up with an ugly girl, and you want to have sex, but she is just disgusting. You ate KFC that day, so you put the bucket on her head and go at it. This is a "dirty sanders.
by Sean Craig January 08, 2011
Like it's famous cousin the "dirty Sanchez", which involves the act of smearing fecal residue obtained from a partners anal cavity, during anal sex acts under the said partners nose with ones finger.
The "Dirty Sanders" involves Smearing a partners fecal reside, using ones whole hand over the mouth area to give the appearance of a goatee beard. Not dissimilar to the one sported by the famous poultry chef extraordinaire Col. Harland Sanders, of Kentucky Fried Chicken Fame. after the act of anal fisting.
"She took it all in the backdoor, then I Kentucky Fried her with a Goatee Dirty Sanders style."
by Squidgeon September 02, 2007
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