When you hear see or feel something that is wrong...gross..or just plain off, but also is kinda culturally awesome-
WHoa her outfit is dirty pop.
Um, what you said, that is totally dirty pop
by Dirty Pop King November 05, 2009
Top Definition
The first time a female recieves anal penetration.
Travis: So I heard you and your girl got freaky last night.
Jon: Ya I dirty popped her cherry.
by Caito February 27, 2008
know as the spanish word for Lets get down tonight.
do a little dance make a little love lets get down tonight.
Did you see the dirtypop on her face. she was all saying let bang bang boom boom were done.
by bobsaget jr 3rd March 14, 2008
An urban term for pop music "popular music". Dirty meaning "Hip Hop" with and influence of pop music.... Son!! Taken from lyrics written by the band Nsync
"Dirty pop... baby baby.. you cant stop.. you know you like that dirty pop... this must be pop"

"Man this isn't just pop... this is dirty pop... son!"
by Ashley Dangerous August 29, 2007
when you fuck a girl in the ass then make her suck your dick
lastnight i gave that drunk bitch the dirty pop
by myspace.com/mduarte12 August 14, 2008
The act of poping ones fingers on another ones shoulder while trying to hurt them, cause them pain or knock them over. See also 'Pops'
Ouch, those dirty pops hurt like a mother!
by r3L4x August 23, 2003
when you have anal sex then have the girl suck your dick
last night i gave jill a dirty pop
by mario duarte September 07, 2008
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