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An act of "love" between 2 gay men after a night on the town. See lots of gay anal sex
Visitor: Knock, knock
Gayman1: Hi there matey, come on in but please mind the mess.
Visitor: What's been going on in here? Have you had friends round last night?
Gayman2: Hi there, I'm Quentin.
Visitor: Hi, nice to meet you quentin. What's that smell in the air? It kinda smells fousty - almost like poop
Gayman1: Err, I don't smell anything.
Visitor: And what's this brown stain on the sofa.
Quentin: Ok, you've caught us out, we were playing dirty poop games last night.
Visitor: I'm feel sick, I'm going home.
by Jim July 19, 2004
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