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Some guy on Halo 2 who has no clue no whats going on.
Dirty Pepe: Alright guys grab the bomb.
Us: Dude, this is CTF...
Dirty Pepe: Oh...
Us: You know what? LOOK KEYS!
Dirty Pepe: SHINY!
by Russian07 March 12, 2005
A player on Halo 2 that thinks he's amazing with the sniper rifle, but really just gets owned by players such as Weedy McWeed and MM Takedown.
Dirty Pepe: Guys let me get the sniper, you will benefit from it.
Us: Ok fine lets see the killing
Dirty Pepe (5 seconds later): Guys I died, they have my sniper rifle now.
by Ian February 21, 2005
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